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Victory for the little guy

Here is a story about a victory for the little guy. Client has a cottage at Pine Point. Just bought it. Moved here from Massachusetts. New life. Fresh start. Crazy ex-wife broke in a year ago, trashed the cottage badly. Client was out of state on business for five days. He called his insurance company. A (corrupt) NH insurance adjuster had a buddy in the cleaning business. He sent that NH company over. Company said they planned to do “remediation of mold, mildew.” My client said: “No!” (He has three kids, and a daughter with bad allergies). Company did the work anyway. Then , the company presented my client with a bill for $25,000. He refused to pay it. The company sued him. The bank that has his mortgage got sued too. The bank suggested he hire me. He did. We told the cleanup company they did not have his consent to do the job (The cleaners also did a lousy job). We would not pay them. The bank backed us up on this position. Litigation went on for one year. Construction was held up. His dreams were put on hold. This week, the parties dismissed the case. The bank, and my childhood friend at the bank will help this man rebuild his dream house. Bulldozers will knock it down next week. I asked My friend at the bank how in the world the bank could help this person with the financing since I was not sure the “numbers work.” My friend said the bank realizes the client was a victim here, and an honest person. But why is the bank willing to do a loan given these awful conditions? “He has been a good customer. We think he will pay the loan back.” He said. When is the last time you heard that level of humanity and common sense from a bank? ! The client has very happy. He gave me a cigar. Last night, I smoked it.😊

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