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May 18, 2018

35 Years of Practicing Law/35 Stories-No. 8- “Please Know Your Neighbors May Be Lying To You” 😊(Video for law students)


May 18, 2018

35 Years of Practicing Law/35 Stories-No. 7- “Fool Me Once, Shame On You! Fool Me Twice...😒” (Video for law students)


May 18, 2018

35 Years of Law Practice/35 Stories- No. 6- “The Sad Side of Boy Scouts” ( Video for law students)


May 18, 2018

35 Years of Practicing Law/35 Lessons—-No. 5———-“Would You Sell Out Your Childhood Friends for $10,000??” (Video for law students)


May 12, 2018

35 Years of Practicing Law/35 Lessons- Lesson No. 4—-“His Medical Concerns Were So Great He IMMEDIATELY Went To See His Lawyer!” (Video for law students)


May 10, 2018

35 Years of Practicing Law/35 Lessons- No. 3-“My First Big Federal Court Jury Trial-Yikes!” (Video for law students)


May 9, 2018

35 years of law practice/35 lessons- No. 2-“I Went to Northern Ireland- Then I Went Back Again” (Video for law students)


May 5, 2018

35 years of practicing law. 35 lessons. Lesson 1- “The Pizza Shop” (Video for law students)


April 27, 2018


April 25, 2018


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