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        WHO WE ARE

Jones and Warren Attorneys at law is a general-practice law firm located in Scarborough, Maine that emphasizes client service and quality results. 


Partners Jeff Jones and Dan Warren have practiced more than 30 years, and have built a successful practice based on these principles.

The firm promises:

  • close attention to your goals and concerns;

  • candid case assessments

  • prompt response to phone calls and emails

                1993 Brochure

What type of legal matter do you want assistance with?   Whether you need general advice, or a lawyer to represent you in court, we can help.


Dan Warren is the head of the litigation department,handling:


  • physical injury cases;

  • insurance disputes;

  • car accidents;

  • professional negligence;


 Jeff Jones focuses on

  • Family Law

  • Wills & Trusts

  • Real Estate & Zoning

  • Boundary & Easement Disputes

  • Business Matters



 Our Saco office that opened in 2013 is staffed by attorney Barb Dresser and specializes in:

*bank closings;

*escrow and settlements;

*title searches 

          LEGAL FEES

Our legal fees are competitive, and depend on your situation. For example, a simple will may cost $125, but a will with complex terms and a testamentary trust may cost between $350.00 and $750.00 


Some matters we handle by our hourly rate. You pay a "retainer," we place it in a trust account, and bill you as we do work.


  • In criminal or traffic matters, you pay a retainer up front. 

  • For documents such as a deed, you pay a flat rate.

  • Finally, we handle physical injuries and insurance disputes on a "contingent fee basis (we receive a percentage of the amount we gain for you)."




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